my Photos
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My lovely man and I up Mt Arthur
July 2006

Here we are again, this time at Lake Rotoiti
July 2006

Me all dressed up on one of our many rides
July 2006

My Sweetheart and I

This one was taken August 2002

Me with my little nephew Ethan
born 28 November 2000

June 9th 2001

me in my lounge

my tattoo
(it's on my right shoulder blade)

me on halloween
(pussy with attitude)

My best friend :o)

the girlies and I out on the town

the wench and I :o)

drunk and in charge of a scanner
(be thankful that's all I scanned)

my old house

a kinda posey shot of me in my room

an older photo of me
(back when I used to model)

my family tree
(I painted it on my bedroom wall)

another view of my tree :o)
(these are some of my relatives going back around 6 generations)

me at age 7

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