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Nothing is as sad
As the sound of the Sax
Floating through the night
On a wing of a prayer

Nothing so full of hope
As the tears of the mourning angel
As she finds her way
To the breaking dawn

For my Father

After he had wandered, he was tired
and he lay down, and he rested
He felt the warmth of the sun on his body
and all his tiredness and pain fell away
and he felt restored
He looked downwards and across a valley
and saw in the distance a grove of trees
and he began to walk - a smile lighting his face
for they were olive trees
He had come home.

The Rose

Sun rises
The rose awakes
Open petals
Pollen flakes

With open eyes
She looks around
Thorns each side
But not a sound

She lets out a cry
'Let there be peace!'
There is no answer
Silense, unease

A shotgun sounds
Loud, Deadly
She dreams of a world
Kind and friendly

A place where hate
Is an unspoken word
She closes her eyes
Her thoughts unheard

Moon rises. Moon falls
A new day dawns
For the rose
Between two thorns

Daddy's little girl

Daddy's little girl
Just wanted him to love her
Daddy's little girl
Just wanted him to care
Daddy's little girl
Just wanted him to notice
Daddy's little girl
Just wanted him to be there

Daddy's little girl
Did all she could to please him
Daddy's little girl
Did all she could to be approved
Daddy's little girl
Did all that she could think of
Daddy's little girl
Made friends each time they moved

Daddy's little girl
Did play with little dollies
Daddy's little girl
Did all the little girl things
Daddy's little girl
Did fight with her big brother
Daddy's little girl
Rebelled all through her teens

Daddy's little girl
Was married far too young
Daddy's little girl
Was a victim at the age of 5
Daddy's little girl
Was heavily medicated
Daddy's little girl
Was thinking of suicide

Daddy's little girl
Is tired of being shat on
Daddy's little girl
Is sick of being afraid
Daddy's little girl
Is doing really great now
And daddy's little girl
Is going to stay that way

Letters to dad

Five years, dad
It doesn't seem that long
Yet, so much has happened
Since you've been gone

I think of you often
I miss you a lot
I still hold onto
The memories I've got

You're a Grandfather now
So, how does it feel?
Your son is a father
It hardly seems real

A beautiful baby boy
A joy to behold
And yet, you'll never know him
Or watch him grow old

I'm doing well now
Things are back on track
I'm reaching my goals
The old 'me' is back

So be proud of your children
And live in our hearts
An era may have ended
But a new one starts

It starts with your children
And grandchildren who follow
As we turn the page on yesterday
And look to tomorrow

Know that we love you
And that we always will
Even though you're not here
Our memories live on still

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