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Friday 6th 2001

Well, I found myself a new job :o) I start on Monday as an office administrator for a small freight company in town (filing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking, yada yada yada ...) ... Goodbye to retail and working weekends!!!!
It's just part time for now, possibly turning into full time accounts within the next 12 months, which would be good seeing as how that's what I've been studying for the past 4 years.
Today was my last day at my current/old job ... there were a few tears (from customers and staff alike) but it feels great!! After working in retail for 10years it's going to be great having my weekends and public holidays back :o) Only problem is, in the classroom if something doesn't balance, you just go "oh, well" and move onto the next one ... this time it's real companies and real money, I get to find out if I really do know what I'm doing huh? no more creative accounting (aka: finding a figure that fits and putting it in ;o)
Things at home are still going really well, Stu and I are settling into a routine now (just like an old married couple) Douglas the cat has made himself quite at home ... although we all know I prefer my cats flat.
My house is still very much as it was when I moved in a whole year ago, new curtains and a bit of paint in the bathroom, but other than that I haven't had much of a chance (or the money) to change a lot else.
My nephew is still beautiful of course and he's HUGE, now 7 months old and already in a size 1 clothing. He came out for a visit in the weekend, of course he brought my brother and my sister in law too (he can't quite reach the pedals to drive yet) so I managed to steal him for some smooches before they realised he'd gone.
Not much else for me to report this month so I guess that's it from me for now,